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Yu, H., Liu, X., Li, C. & Wang, G. (2007). Influence of dog-bone apex on shape during slab horizontal rolling process. Journal of Iron and Steel Research International, 14 (3), 38-42.


The deformation of slab with dog-bone shape during the horizontal rolling process was simulated using FEM, and the influences of apical dislocation of dog-bone on the slab spread as well as the minimum crop end loss and the lost width at slab head and tail were analyzed. The results show that with the increase in the apical dislocation of dog-bone (LA), the slab spread and the minimum crop end loss at slab head and tail decrease, while the lost width at slab head and tail increases. Meanwhile, the relationships of S/LA-LA, LH/LA-LA, WH/LA-LA, LT/LA-LA, and WT/LA-LA were obtained. © 2007 Central Iron and Steel Research Institute.



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