SPICE modelling and design optimization of micropumps



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Morganti, E., Fuduli, I., Montefusco, A., Petasecca, M. & Pignatel, G. U. (2005). SPICE modelling and design optimization of micropumps. International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, 85 (9-11), 687-698.


This article describes a study concerning micropump design for medical purposes. In particular the project is focused on treatment of Hydrocephalus. An actuator glued on a membrane, a pumping chamber and a certain number of valves constitute the micropumps. The actuator is a piezoelectric disc, controlled according to data collected by means of a pressure sensor. We have studied two different structures of micropump: the first with membrane valves, and the second with diffuser/nozzle valves, without moving parts. Modelling both micropumps with electrical equivalent networks, we are able to estimate the pump behaviour, in terms of flow rate, with a simulator such as SPICE, and to optimize the micropump design for best performances. © 2005 Taylor & Francis.

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