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Yu, H. L., Liu, X. H., Lee, G. T., Li, X. W. & Park, H. D. (2008). Numerical analysis of roll deflection for Sendzimir mill. Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, Transactions of the ASME, 130 (1), 0110161-1-0110167-7.


The present work introduces a new type of numerical analyzing method: the contact element method with two relative coordinates (CEM). The main characteristic of the procedure is elements meshing on the basis of the contact length between objects and that each element has two relative coordinates. The ordinary expression of this procedure is DX[CXY(i)]=D Y[CYX(i)]. Through this method, the CEM function of the 20-high Sendzimir mill and the deflection function expression of every roll are obtained. A computational software SM4SM for the Sendzimir mill has been developed, by which the deflection condition of rolls S, O, I, and A can be obviously seen. The results obtained by CEM have also been compared to that by the finite element method. Copyright © 2008 by ASME.



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