Effects of relocation on production in caged layers



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Glatz, P. C. & Frensham, A. B. (1987). Effects of relocation on production in caged layers. British Poultry Science, 28 (1), 119-128.


1. Two experiments were conducted to determine the effects on laying performance of relocating caged hens at 30, 42 and 54 weeks of age. 2. In experiment 1 with hens caged individually, treatment groups comprised relocated hens given 5 new neighbours and hens not relocated but given 0, 2 or 4 new neighbours. 3. In experiment 2 with hens housed two per cage, treatment groups comprised relocation with or without that hen which shared the cage before the move. 4. In both experiments relocated hens laid fewer eggs in the week following social reorganisation. 5. Relocated hens in experiment 1 ate less food in the week following the shift at 42 weeks of age than did hens not moved. In experiment 2 in which all hens were moved, food consumption was not affected.

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