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Yu, H., Liu, X., Chen, L., Li, C., Zhi, Y. & Li, X. (2009). Influence of edge rolling reduction on plate-edge stress distribution during finish rolling. Journal of Iron and Steel Research International, 16 (1), 22-26.


Dimensions of one kind of stainless steel plate before finish rolling were obtained through analysis of the rough rolling processes by finite element method and updated geometrical method. The FE models of finish rolling process with a front edge roll were built, and influences of the edge rolling reduction on the stress change in the plate edge during finish rolling were analyzed. The results show that when the edge rolling reduction is increased from 0 mm to 2 mm, the compressive stress in plate corner clearly increases in edge rolling process, and the zone of tensile stress during whole rolling decreases; when the edge rolling reduction is increased from 2 mm to 5 mm, the compressive stress in the plate corner seldom changes, and the compressive stress decreases after the horizontal rolling.



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