A secure IPv6 address configuration scheme for a MANET



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Wang, X. & Mu, Y. (2013). A secure IPv6 address configuration scheme for a MANET. Security and Communication Networks, 6 (6), 777-789.


We propose a secure Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) address configuration scheme for a Mobile Ad Hoc Network. The scheme presents the architecture for a Mobile Ad Hoc Network and the hierarchical IPv6 address structure. In the architecture, a new node can acquire a unique IPv6 address from a proxy node within one-hop scope without performing a duplicate address detection process, and the IP addresses occupied by failed nodes can be recovered automatically for reuse. On the basis of the hierarchical IPv6 address structure, each proxy node can acquire a unique address scope for assignment and assign a unique IP address for new nodes, so the address configuration task is distributed around proxy nodes. In addition, the transmission scope of the control packets for address configuration is controlled within one-hop scope, so the address configuration cost is reduced, and the delay is shortened. The security of the proposed address configuration scheme is achieved through authentication. The paper analyzes the performance parameters of the proposed scheme and the existing schemes, and the analytical results show that the address configuration cost of the proposed scheme is lower and the delay is shorter.

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