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Khalili, N. & Liu, M. D. (2008). On generalization of constitutive models from two dimensions to three dimensions. International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics, 32 2045-2065.


In this paper, a study is made of the generalization of constitutive models for geomaterials from two-dimensional stress and strain states to three-dimensional stress and strain states. Existing methods of model generalization are reviewed and their deficiencies are highlighted. A new method is proposed based on geometries of the model imprints on two normal planes. Using the proposed method, various three dimensional failure criterions suitable for geomaterials are implemented directly into a two dimensional model and the generalized model is identical to its original form for the axially symmetric condition. To demonstrate the application of the proposed method, the Modified Cam Clay model is extended using the Matsuoka-Nakai failure criterion. Simulations of soil behaviour for loading in the principal stress space are presented and analyzed



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