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Vialle, W. (2009). Dinosaurs and taxis: educating learners with diverse needs. In J. Chen, S. Moran & H. Gardner (Eds.), Multiple Intelligences Around the World (pp. 131-141). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.


This chapter focuses on the influence of MI theory in special and gifted education in Australia. In both contexts, the MI impact is evident in changes of teachers’ attitudes and practices towards these students. In gifted education, MI has provided a means to more broadly define and identify giftedness in students across all economic and cultural groups. It has also influenced the design of curriculum materials for gifted students. In special education, MI teachers have transcended a deficit approach; they have become more positive towards students and recognize a wider range of learning potentials. Through the framework provided by MI theory, teachers have learned to genuinely value and appropriately respond to the diversity of learners in integrated Australian classrooms.

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