Developing a taxonomy for learning designs



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Harper, B. & Oliver, R. (2009). Developing a taxonomy for learning designs. In L. Lockyer, S. J. Bennett, S. Agostinho & B. Harper (Eds.), Handbook of research on learning design and learning objects: issues, applications, and technologies (pp. 228-242). USA: IGI Global.


This chapter describes the development of a taxonomy of learning designs based on a survey of 52 innovative ICT-using projects that formed the basis of a grounded approach to classifying high quality learning designs. The concept of learning designs has the potential to support academics in the process of offering high quality ICT supported learning settings in the higher education sector. The taxonomy is proposed as a mechanism to explore ways in which learning designs can be made accessible to academics and to help with the understanding of the goals of the learning design movement. The development of the taxonomy is described and user review of the representation of learning designs in a web context is discussed. Finally, the current gap in the literature about accurate and effective taxonomies describing and distinguishing between various forms of learning design is discussed in relation to future research agendas.

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