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This conference paper was originally published as Bennett, S, Agostinho, S, Lockyer, L, Kosta, L, Jones, J, Koper, R & Harper, B, Learning designs: bridging the gap between theory and practice, Ascilite 2007: ICT: Providing choices for learners and learning, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2-5 December 2007. Original conference information available here


This paper summarises the work being conducted in an ongoing research agenda focused on exploring how the ‘learning design’ construct can be used to support university educators to create both pedagogically sound and interoperable e-learning experiences. The premise of this work is that a learning design can be used to support the pedagogical design process and the integration of international e-learning standards, such as learning object metadata and IMS-LD, enabling resources and tools to be technically interoperable across different standards-compliant systems. The paper presents the rationale guiding this research focus, describes the features of the research that is underway, and outlines future directions of this research.