The role of stillness and quiet when developing human/nature relationships



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Nicholls, V. & Gray, T. L. (2007). The role of stillness and quiet when developing human/nature relationships. Australian Journal of Outdoor Education, 11 (1), 21-28.


The cathartic, transformative and restorative powers resulting from immersion in nature are well documented. Furthermore, they are regarded as the key characteristics that differentiate bush and adventure therapy from more traditional forms of therapy/counselling. How does adventure therapy access the healing powers of nature? Drawing upon relevant literature and the voices of participants in an ongoing qualitative study, this paper explores the role of stillness and quiet time on the development of human/nature relationships in bush and adventure therapy. Finally, we offer an interpretation of the therapeutic potential of quiet time in order to form a deep understanding of some of the conditions, attitudes and approaches that underpin the transformational potential of a wilderness experiences.

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