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Keppell, M., Jong, M., Tsang, H., Bennett, S. J. & Lockyer, L. (2006). Cross-cultural online communication: making connections through project-based learning. In P. Kommers & G. Richards (Eds.), Proceedings of World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 2006 (pp. 1233-1240). Ed/ITLib Education & Information Technology Library: AACE.


This paper examines a project that encourages cross-cultural communication among teachereducation students through online discussion and project-based learning. An authentic case was presented to eleven students (divided into two groups) who volunteered to participate in the project over one semester. The case focussed on the development of a website by the two groups which would provide information to local Hong Kong students visiting the University of Wollongong on an intensive English immersion programme. The students were encouraged to seek advice from their HKIEd mentor and UOW advisor via synchronous and asynchronous communication tools available in the Blackboard Learning Management System. A development-based research approach was utilised for the project and perceptions were collected from the students, mentors and advisors using reflective journals, video-interviews, focus groups and the final completed project.

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