Reconceptualising cognitive tools for learner construction of knowledge



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Morgan, M., Brickell, G. J. & Harper, B. (2006). Reconceptualising cognitive tools for learner construction of knowledge. EDMEDIA 2006 (pp. 2720-2727). Fl, USA: AACE.


This paper argues that the notion of cognitive tools for learner knowledge construction in computer mediated learning environments, pioneered by Jonassen and Lajoie, can be re-conceptualised from a distributed cognition perspective, where cognitive tools can be considered to be in fact mediating artefacts that form part of a distributed system of cognition that includes, but is not limited to, the learner's internal cognitive resources. This approach allows designers of mediating artefacts to consider their role in the cognitive system and also to design them to promote certain types of cognitive activities by the learner by embedding interaction strategies into the interface. An examination of a commonly used cognitive tool, the 'Copy and Paste' function, will be used to illustrate the possible benefits of this approach.

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