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Kiggins, J., Kervin, L. K. & Rouland, P. (2006). An examination of the enablers and inhibitors surrounding the establishment of a school university partnership: The Grays Point Project. In G. Jan (Eds.), Making Teaching Public: Reforms in Teacher Education: Proceedings of the 34th Annual ATEA Conference (pp. 177-185). Freemantle: Australian Teacher Education Associataion.


Collaboration between academics, staff and students is promoted as a way to foster professional relationships, foster change and develop common understanding across both the school and university contexts. In a time when education is under frequent criticism it is necessary to break down the barriers between the two contexts and work together collegially. It is within this climate that a small team of academics from the Faculty of Education at the University of Wollongong and teachers from Grays Point Public School (a southern suburb of Sydney) have launched a collaborative research project. As we begin this professional journey we have begun to identify the specific roles and responsibilities for each party. We recognise that personnel from both the school and the university contexts have tremendous knowledge they are able to share. As we embark on this partnership, it is our aim to weave value-added, mutually beneficial and collaborative relationships into our on-going professional interactions. However, this partnership has not come easily. In our articulation of our journey as we establish this professional relationship, we are able to identify a number of enablers and inhibitors that have impacted upon the experience.

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