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Reid, D., Jacobsen, D. M. & Katz, L. (2005). You expect me to remember what? : Knowledge Retention in Computer-based Training with Adult Learners. In G. Richards (Eds.), elearn (pp. 1063-1069). Vancouver, Canada: Association of the Advancement of Computing in Education.


The goal of this investigation was to evaluate the impact of training and the effectiveness of different types of knowledge retention activities delivered by computer-based training (CBT) programs. This study focused on a computer-based learning system called the Profound Learning Delivery System (2005) (PLS). PLS is an application designed to improve knowledge retention in adult learners undertaking CBT. This study used a pretest-posttest experimental design to compare adult learners’ knowledge of Microsoft Outlook (Outlook, 1997) before and after a CBT session. Participants were trained using two different computer-based instructional programs: a commercially available software program matched for comparison purposes, and PLS. This comparison involved three different formats for post-instruction retention activities that were: no review activities; user generated review activities; and, program generated retention activities. Results indicate that despite random assignment, there was a significant difference between the groups 60 days after training. This result demonstrated that PLS has potential worth exploring.

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