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Kervin, L. K. & McKenzie, K. (2005). Keeping the conversation going: Creating a whole school approach to spelling. In J. Young (Eds.), Pleasure, Passion and Provocation AATE/ALEA National Conference (pp. 1-15). Broadbeach, QLD: ALEA.


How to best teach spelling across primary classrooms has been an issue of debate for many schools and in fact, many teachers for some time. How consistent spelling practice can he best incorporated into school policy and implemented into classroom literacy experiences has resulted in much confusion and debate, and has proven to be a difficult challenge for many primary school educators. This paper describes how one school developed a whole school approach to spelling, devised supporting documentation and supported staff to develop and implement teaching and learning experiences across the grades consistent with these. The process that was engaged with by the teaching staff is examined, as are strategies employed to work towards staff ownership and understanding of adopted spelling practices.

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AATE/ALEA National Conference

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