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Kell, P. M. (2005). The Challenges and Dilemmas of the Global Business of Teaching English in South East Asia. In A. Pandian, G. Chakravarthy, P. M. Kell & S. Kaur (Eds.), Strategies & Practices for Improving Learning and Literacy (pp. 185-194). Serdang, Malaysia: Universiti Putra Malaysia Press.


This paper is a discussion of the nature and character of the markets in English Language and the way in which English language and teaching is characterised by a series of markets in which there is strong and vibrant competition between a diversity of providers attempting to secure a share of growing international market in programs, products, methodologies, teacher training, teacher recruitment and placement. This paper explores aspects of the nature of this competition with particular reference to South East Asia and highlights the dilemmas and challenges that emerge from the development of a multileveled and trans-national market in English language teaching.

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