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This conference paper was originally published as Lockyer, L & Patterson, J, Integrating Social Networking Technologies in Education: A Case Study of a Formal Learning Environment, In P. Diaz, Kinshuk, I. Aedo & E. Mora (Eds.), IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (pp. 529-533), Santander, Spain, 1-5 July 2008. Los Alamitos, California: IEEE Computer Society. Copyright Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 2008. Original conference paper available here.


The concept of Internet-facilitated social networking is not new – we have evidence of the development of the concept and the technologies over decades. However, Web 2.0 technologies and the emergence of social networking sites has expanded accessibility and use beyond levels that may have been thought imaginable just two or three years ago. These developments have been accompanied with calls to integrate the new technologies and experiences of social networks within formal education. Yet, there is limited research on the potential or outcomes of such initiatives. This paper presents a case study that examines the technology and experience in a formal education context.

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