Finding the 'I' in Creativity: Sources of engagement and empowerment



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Fitzsimmons, P. R. & Lindsell, R. (2008). Finding the ''I'' in Creativity: Sources of engagement and empowerment. The Fourth Global Conference on Creative Engagement with Children (pp. 1-9). Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Net.


This paper discusses a project that grew out of Lindsell’s investigation into a previously untested theory of motivation. Her data in concert with ensuing interviews with highly motivated people revealed that their perceptions of how their creativity was developed was based on the concept of cognitive dissonance and the concept of ‘emotional topography’. In other words, they current creative abilities were the result of emotional disturbance as well as being personally close to ˜significant others ™, which in turn resulted in an ability to be highly reflective risk takers who were personally discerning and emotionally aware. These elements provided these individuals with a worldview that was both optimistic, artistic and with a high degree of personal efficacy.

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