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Hanham, J. & McCormick, J. (2008). Relationships between self-processes and group processes with friends and acquaintances. Issues in Educational Research, 18 (2), 118-137.


This preliminary study explored relationships between key self-processes, specifically, independent vs. interdependent self-construal and self-efficacy, with students' attitudes toward group work with friends and acquaintances. The sample comprised 188 students from two Independent high schools in metropolitan Sydney, Australia. Data were collected using a self-report questionnaire, and analysed using exploratory factor analysis and multiple regression analysis. Of the two sets of self-beliefs, self-construal and selfefficacy, the latter was more strongly related to students' attitudes toward cooperation. Furthermore, there was support for a "flow-on" effect in which self-efficacy developed in the friendship context generalised to the acquaintance context.

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