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Kervin, L. K. & Rodwell, M. (2007). In-school professional development: supporting teachers with the inclusion of critical literacy in their classrooms. In A. McNamara, J. Rickwood, R. van Haren & J. Vervoorn (Eds.), Critical Capital: Teaching & Learning AATE & ALEA National Conference 2007 (pp. 1-19). Canberra: Australian Association for the Teaching of English and the Australian Literacy Educators Association.


The voluminous literature within the field of teacher professional development presents varied components of what constitutes meaningful professional development experiences for teachers. The case reported herein describes how components identified from an analysis of the literature have been incorporated within an inschool model of professional development to support primary teachers as they explore their literacy teaching within their own school and individual classrooms. These ongoing, in-school professional development experiences aimed to support and encourage pedagogical change as the teachers reviewed their classroom teaching and learning practices with emphasis on critical literacy. The importance of the school professional culture, the organisation of time, professional relationships, the location for professional development, and the need for purposeful interactions will each be explored in the description of the experiences.

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AATE & ALEA National Conference

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