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Dawson, P., Lockyer, L. & Ferry, B. (2007). Supporting first year student supporters: an online mentoring model for supplemental instruction leaders. In J. Thomas (Eds.), 10th Pacific Rim First Year in Higher Education Conference 2007 - Conference Proceedings (pp. 1-10). Brisbane, Australia: QUT Web Solutions.


Supplemental Instruction (SI), or Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) as it is commonly known in Australia, involves experienced senior student Peer Leaders who provide regularly scheduled peer learning sessions with students enrolled in university courses. Commonly implemented on first year subjects, the sessions integrate how to learn with what to learn, helping students achieve better grades and helping raise student retention rates. This paper discusses the challenges of supporting SI Leaders who are geographically dispersed across multiple campuses and considers the theoretical and empirical informs the development of an online mentoring model.

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