What about me? Children as co-researchers



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Marr, P. A. & Malone, K. A. (2007). What about me? Children as co-researchers. In P. Jefferies (Eds.), AARE 37th Annual Conference (pp. 1-27). Western Australia: Australian Association for Research Education.


This paper explores how adults build relationships and share power and resources with children in research. These relationships are influenced by views adults’ hold of children including their capabilities and competencies to be social agents. This affects the type of research that is designed by adults and the role children might play from the initial identification of the research issue through to the research design and the final research outcomes. The aim of this paper is to explore two child-centred research projects. We will illustrate how as adult researchers we have sought to create research designs that support children to take up the role as authentic co-researchers. We will also share some of the key issues and limitations that have arisen from constructing a flexible and child-centred approach to research design.

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AARE Annual Conference

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