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Herrington, A. J. & Herrington, J. A. (2006). Identifying authentic mobile learning in teacher education: A design-based approach. In P. Isaias, P. Kommers & I. Sanchez (Eds.), Proceedings of IADIS International Conference: Mobile Learning 2006 (pp. 235-239). USA: IADIS Press.


The adoption of mobile technologies in higher education has been variable and inconsistent across the sector. Little is known about how people learn best from mobile devices such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants and portable digital audio players, and yet these are the technologies of choice of a generation of young adults who are proficient and competent in their use. This paper describes a project to explore, implement and document pedagogies that go beyond the use of mobile technologies for information delivery and communication. It describes a design-based approach to researching the use of mobile devices as cognitive tools in the completion of authentic tasks in higher education.

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