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This conference paper was originally published as Peterson, R and Herrington, J, The state of the art of design-based research, Proceedings of the World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education, Vancouver, Canada, 24 October, 2005.


Ann Brown (1992) and Allan Collins (1992) introduced the term design experiment in 1992 as an innovative approach to educational research. Today, commonly termed design-based research (DBR), the approach itself is still very much being designed. There is a general consensus that DBR standards need to be set by addressing such questions as: What kinds of knowledge should DBR be expected generate? What theoretical requirements should be imposed on DBR? and What types of research can be considered DBR? Given the drive for empirical educational research and escalating interest in DBR, it is hoped that continued expert commentary will lead to a clear definition of DBR. This paper will examine the state of the art of design-based research, more than a decade on, and review current developments in the evolving standards of the approach.