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Burrell, A. & Gray, T. L. (2006). Young, fast and dead: a fresh perspective from the Early Driving Group. In C. Patti & J. Drennan (Eds.), Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (pp. 4 December-6 December). Brisbane, Australia: Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy.


Risk taking behaviour is synonymous with adolescence. Moreover, epidemiological statistics associated with early driver deaths in Australia paint a disturbing picture. There is considerable debate about the effectiveness of advertising and marketing as a prophylactic to unsafe driving behaviours. This paper discusses the search for innovative approaches to road safety campaigns by accessing the perceptions of the novice driver group. A case scenario was developed by reviewing current literature on adolescent health behaviour, risk awareness, road safety and marketing communication. Initial findings from a pilot study with members of the early driving group, imply that they, as members of the target audience for road safety campaigns, do provide a fresh perspective on tone, content and style for campaign design.

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