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Kiggins, J. & Cambourne, B. L. (2007). The knowledge building community program: a partnership for progress. In T. Townsend & R. Bates (Eds.), Handbook of Teacher Education: Globalization, Standards and Professionalism in Times of Change (pp. 365-380). The Netherlands: Springer.


In 1999 the Faculty of Education at the University of Wollongong trialled an alternative model of teacher education known as the Knowledge Building Community (KBC) Project. This alternative model of teacher education was a joint venture of the Faculty of Education the NSW Department of Education and the NSW Teachers’ Federation. As the KBC Project evolved a triadic partnership between preservice teachers, school-based mentor teachers and university facilitators developed. This partnership became known as the “community triad” This paper will examine the history of the formation of the joint venture from the planning to the implementation phases and the role each of the community triad stakeholders plays in this alternative model for teacher education.

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