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Knapp, L. J., Bennett, S. J. & Brown, I. M. (2005). An investigation into visual design in the development of educational Web-based projects. In C. Crawford (Eds.), Proceedings of the Society for Information Technology in Education Annual Conference (pp. 3251-3257). Norfolk, VA: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education.


There is an increasing demand on teachers to use computer technology in their teaching practice, often without support or training to use the technology to its full potential. The study reported in this paper investigated teachers from an Australian government secondary school, involved in a qualitative study into methods of developing visually coherent educational projects for the World Wide Web. The teachers participated in a university funded project, to develop Web-based learning materials for high-school students. The teachers involved in the study developed a project from a multidisciplinary perspective, specifically for the World Wide Web. The perceptions and experiences of the teachers involved in the project were collected as data. The project provided an opportunity to observe the strategies required for developing educational materials for on-line learning in an authentic context with a focus on instructional and visual design.

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