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O'Reilly, M., Bennett, S. J. & Keppell, M. (2005). Case studies in online assessment. In H. Goss (Eds.), Annual Conference of the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (pp. 519-526). Brisbane, Australia: Queensland University of Technology.


This paper outlines the progress to date of a project to compile, analyse and share examples of innovative online assessment activities using; online testing; teamwork and collaboration; simulations and role plays, and dialogue with experts and across cultures. The aim of this research is to provide teaching academics and educational developers with examples of assessment strategies that have been successfully applied in higher education, and to derive a number of key principles about online assessment that will be useful for future research. The project involves case studies from two Australian universities, which have been used to develop an initial set of eight exemplars and analysed to identify commonalities and differences. In the next phase of the project, these will be shared with teaching staff from two Hong Kong Universities, who will be asked to assess the applicability of the assessment designs and approaches to their teaching contexts.

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