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Reid, D., Jacobsen, D. M. & Katz, L. (2005). An investigation of computer generated knowledge retention activities in computer-based training with adult learners. Journal of Learning Design, 1 (1), 77-85.


The goal of this investigation was to evaluate the impact of training and the effectiveness of different types of knowledge retention activities delivered by computer-based training programs. This study focused on a computer-based learning system called the Profound Learning Delivery System (PLS). PLS is an application designed to improve the content knowledge retention of adult learners who are completing computer-based training. This study used a pretest-posttest experimental design to compare adult learners’ knowledge of Microsoft Outlook ("Outlook, " 1997) before and after a computer-based training session. Participants were trained using two different computer-based instructional programs; a commercially available software program matched for comparison purposes and PLS. This comparison involved three different formats for post-instruction retention activities that were; no review activities, user generated review activities, and program generated retention activities. Results indicate, there was a significant difference between the groups 60 days after training. This result demonstrated that PLS has potential worth exploring.

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