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Rowland, G. S., Wright, R. J., Harper, B. & Gray, S. (2005). Design of a simulation of multiple perspectives in road safety education. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 8 (1), 1-10.


The possibilities afforded by new multimedia technology, combined with contemporary ideas about learning, have opened up new design opportunities for educational simulations. In particular, the use of sophisticated multimedia environments have made the design of experiential simulations, in which the learner plays an authentic role carrying out complex tasks, a much more tractable design task This paper describes the use of an educational simulation paradigm to represent multiple perspectives in a road safety context and the evaluative strategies that were undertaken to ensure the teaching resource will lead learners to a stronger understanding of the various factors that interact and contribute to the potential harm in road safety contexts. We also suggest that students will be more able to identify these factors in their own personal contexts and make decisions about modifying their behaviour to decrease any potential harm.

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