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Harwood, V. (2005). In Good Conscience. Curriculum Perspectives, 25 (3), 62-64.


‘I choose not to collaborate in my own oppression by restricting a basic human right…’ ‘To me this is a matter of conscience’. — Sister Jeannine Gramick (Rick & Maysles, 2004, p. 93). When sister Jeanine Gramick made the above remark she was commenting on the Vatican’s attempts to stop her work with lesbian and gay Catholics. Her struggle to resist this silencing has been made into the compelling film documentary In Good Conscience, which has been widely shown, including in North America and London, and has recently been show in Melbourne and Brisbane at the 2005 Queer Film Festivals — and in Sydney for QueerDoc in 2004. Her story was commented on in the Australian Channel 7 news program Sunrise on 23 March 2005, where she was described as the ‘nun who defied the Vatican’ (Seven Online Network, 2005).

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