The Gold Medal Fitness Program: a model of teacher change



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Wright, J. E., Konza, D. M., Hearne, D. & Okely, A. D. (2008). The Gold Medal Fitness Program: a model of teacher change. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, 13 (1), 49-64.


Background: Following the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the NSW Premier, Mr Bob Carr, launched a school-based initiative in NSW government primary schools called the Gold Medal Fitness Program to encourage children to be fitter and more active. The Program was introduced into schools through a model of professional development, Quality Teaching and Learning Materials (QTLM), then widely used by the NSW Department of Education and Training. The implementation of the Program was evaluated by a research team at the University of Wollongong for its effects on the fundamental movement skills, self-esteem and participation in physical activity of participating children and its success as a program of professional development for non-specialist primary school teachers.

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