Talent identification in rugby union



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Gibson, P., Okely, A. D., Webb, P. I. & Royall, B. (1999). Talent identification in rugby union. ACHPER Healthy Lifestyles Journal, 46 (4), 5-10.


This study surveyed 231 Level 2 rugby union coaches and asked them what individual skills and attributes should be included in a rugby union TID programme. Individual skills and attributes were examined using a checklist instrument. In descending order, the most important individual skills and attributes of a rugby union athlete were: passing whilst running at speed; the front-on tackle; catching whilst running at speed; self-discipline; the side-on tackle; decision making; determination; aerobic fitness; balance whilst running with the ball; drawing a defender; the basic catch; speed; strength; catching a kick; and picking up the ball on the run. The results suggest that these skills and attributes should be considered in a rugby union TID program.