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Hemmings, B. & Woodcock, S. (2011). Preservice teachers' views of inclusive education: A content analysis. Australasian Journal of Special Education, 35 (2), 103-116.


Survey-based research was conducted with pre-service teachers, from a large regional Australian university, to explore their views about inclusion and their readiness to teach in inclusive classrooms. Open-ended questions were included in the survey to glean information on the respondents’ feelings and concerns about inclusion and inclusive practices. In addition, questions were framed to allow the respondents to discuss ways that the University could better prepare them as practising teachers. The responses to each of these questions were content analysed to delineate categories, and frequencies were calculated on the most salient categories. The results of this analysis are reported and comparisons are made of the views expressed by the respondents before they experience an inclusive education subject and a related practicum with those expressed after. The implications of the results for teacher education programs are considered.

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