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Reupert, A. & Woodcock, S. (2011). Canadian and Australian pre-service teachers' use, confidence and success in various behaviour management strategies. International Journal of Educational Research, In Press 1-11.


The purpose of this study was twofold; first, to identify Australian and Canadian pre-service teachers’ use, confidence and success in various behaviour management strategies, and second, to identify significant differences between the two cohorts. Pooled data indicated that pre-service teachers most frequently employ low level corrective strategies, such as nonverbal body language, rather than strategies that serve to prevent student misbehaviour. The strategies pre-service teachers report most frequently employing were also those they felt most confident in. Australian pre-service teachers employ rewards significantly more, whilst Canadian pre-service teachers utilise preventative and differentiation strategies significantly more. Differences might be accounted for by the timing of pre-service teachers’ school practicum. Implications for teacher education programs and future research conclude the paper.

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