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Pearson, P. J. & Webb, P. I. (2010). The integration of tgfu into the secondary school physical education curriculum – how successful has it been?. In A. Rendimiento (Eds.), Congreso de la asociación internacional de escuelas superiores de educación física (pp. 1004-1015).


In 2005, a new Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) Years 7–10 Syllabus (Board of Studies, 2003) was implemented in NSW (Australia) secondary schools. One area that underwent major changes within the syllabus was that of the teaching of games, with the move towards a TGfU framework. Forty PDHPE teachers were surveyed with questionnaires and focus group interviews to determine their knowledge and understanding of TGfU and the extent to which they have incorporated TGfU into their teaching of games. Pre-service teachers’ observations of Physical Education classes were also used to determine the extent that TGfU was being implemented. Fifty-five percent of PDHPE teachers surveyed had poor knowledge and understanding of TGfU, with 32% unaware that the principles of TGfU were written into the PDHPE syllabus. Forty-five percent of teachers reported that they had incorporated TGfU to some extent into their teaching of games, however only 22% of pre-service teachers surveyed indicated that they had observed classes that incorporated TGfU principles. Continuing teacher training and development is required to support teachers in developing an understanding and skills necessary to utilise a TGfU approach that underpins the teaching of games within the new NSW Years 7-10 PDHPE syllabus.

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