PDHPE Zone Stage 4- Lifelong Physical Activity



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Mckeen, K., Pearson, P. J., Cox, S., Donovan, E., Hayes-Williams, K. & Sutton, W. (2004). PDHPE Zone Stage 4- Lifelong Physical Activity. Port Melbourne, Victoria: Heinemann.


PDHPE Zone Stage 4 is a series of booklets written by experienced NSW PDHPE teachers. It is relevant to the Physical Education and Health syllabuses in all states. Each booklet is supported by a Teacher CD that provides models for the integration of the books as well as a range of worksheets covering literacy, numeracy, technology and practical skills. Each booklet is full-colour and highly visual to simulate student interest. The series provides a flexible tool for teachers to use across the numerous PE and Health classes at each school. PDHPE Zone Stage 4 offers a refreshing and stimulating approach to national courses, which will suit a range of teaching methods and approaches.

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