Motivational instruction for students with disabilities within PETE



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Perlman, D, Piletic, C & Heighbarger, H, Motivational instruction for students with disabilities within PETE, In Research Consortium Abstracts, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 80, 1 suppl, 2009, A70-A71.


Recent federal law mandates have placed an increased emphasis within the higher education system to prepare and develop highly qualified and effective teachers for all students (No Child Left Behind Act, 2001; IDEA, 2004). In physical education, these demands have assisted in the creation of beginning physical education teacher standards which provide a framework for preservice teachers (PTs) programmatic experiences (National Association for Sport and Physical Education [NASPE], 2003). A component identified as important to the growth and development of a quality physical educator is the understanding of motivation and the implementation of teaching strategies to enhance student motivation (NAPSE, 2003).

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