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Perlman, DJ and Goc Karp, G, Using TARGET to enhance preservice classroom teachers' ability to identify and develop a motivational climate in physical education, Physical Educator: a magazine for the profession, 64(2), 2007, 102-113.


Motivation is often a major concern for educators in all subject areas. Educational benefits associated with increased levels of student motivation have been well-documented within educational research. Improving student motivation can be affected by the educational environment (motivational climate), developed by the teacher. This study examined the development of pre service teachers' (n= 13) utilization of TARGET (a motivational intervention) in a physical education practicum setting. Data was collected through two methods, (a) scenario responses were conducted using a pretest/ posttest design and (b) self-reflection and field notes were collected during the practicum. Data revealed that a semester methods course focusing on the TARGET components allows PTs to develop Task, Grouping and Recognition components of a motivational climate within their teaching, while components associated with Authority and Time were less developed by PTs. Results of this study add to the previous research on teacher preparation that suggest effective preparation of PTs should allow for increased time to develop skills and utilize lesson reflections as a means for developing individualized teaching skills.

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