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Woods, ML, Goc Karp, G, Miao, H & Perlman, D, Physical educators' technology competencies and usage, Physical Educator: a magazine for the profession, 65(2), 2008, 82-99.


The purpose of this study was 10 examine K-12 physical education teachers' perceptions of ability and usage of technology. Physical educators (n=114) completed the Physical Education Technology Usage Survey assessing their perceived technology competency, how and why they utilize technology, challenges they face in implementing technology, and where they learned to use technology. Results indicated a high level of perceived competency with many forms of technology but differences based on gender, teaching level, and years of experience. Low competency levels were shown for website creation, FDAs, heart rate monitors, and body composition analyzers. The teachers reported that student learning can be enhanced with technology because it aids the visual learner, facilitates individual development, and is useful for assessment purposes.

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