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Lockwood, P and Perlman, DJ, Enhancing the youth sport experience: a re-examination of methods, coaching style, and motivational climate, The Journal of Youth Sports: Youth First, 4(1), 2008, 30-34.


It is commonplace to have youth sport coaches who take time out from their busy schedules to coach a particular sport. Many of these coaches put a significant amount of time and effort into their sport, although proper training may be minimal, time and effort are appreciated. Unaware of effective teaching/coaching methods, many youth sport coaches create a practice and game environment that are similar to what has been observed within the realm of elite athletics or traditional physical education classes. Elite athletics and traditional physical education classes utilized games which allowed those with better skills to dominate, while everyone else sat on the sideline. Dodge ball is a perfect example of this scenario. That is, when hit, the player stands on the sideline and waits for the next game. This results in a minimal amount of time participating in physical activity for the lowskilled students while emphasizing the outcome (i.e. winning/losing) of a game.

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