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Kervin, L and Mantei, J, Incorporating technology within classroom literacy experiences, Journal of Literacy and Technology, 11(3), 2010, 77-100.


Educators are challenged to consider ways that Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) can be included within classroom contexts. Such challenges often require the adoption of whole school, team and individual focus as technology is examined in connection with the needs of the learners within the school and the pedagogical understandings and beliefs of the educators. In this paper we describe an elementary school-based project that focuses on ways that computer-based technology and associated peripherals can be incorporated within classroom literacy experiences. As we examine the planning, implementation and our reflections upon this process some key findings emerged. The need for teachers to work towards shared goals as they refine their ability to manipulate technology in connection with their pedagogical understandings became paramount. So too, was the need to closely observe the response from the students to the experiences and the evidence of learning that emerged. Specific inquiries within the scope of this project will be examined.

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