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Kervin, LK and Mantei, J, Taking iPods into the field to capture and share teacher wisdom stories, In Atkinson, R & McBeath, C (Eds), Annual Conference of the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education, 2008, p 496-499, Melbourne, Australia: Deakin University.


Mobile technologies offer significant possibilities for educators. This paper explores the use of iPods as a tool to bring together the teaching field and the tertiary classroom. We have designed a learning experience to engage our students in collecting and reflecting upon knowledge shared by practitioners in the field. It builds upon the premise that educators need to consistently gather and evaluate evidence to inform their professional practice. The task encourages students to consider the ‘teacher wisdom’ (Labbo, Leu, Kinzer, Teale, Cammack, Kara-Soteriou, & Sanny, 2003) that can be gathered and disseminated through ‘new literacies’ (such as podcasts) as they plan, record and edit an oral text to share with their student colleagues through their subject website.

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