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Mantei, J and Kervin, LK, Looking for clarity amongst the challenges faced by teachers as they consider the role of ICT in classroom literacy learning experiences, In Simpson, A (ed), Future directions in literacy: International conversations 2007, p 1-11, University of Sydney: Sydney University Press.


Primary school teachers today operate within a climate of great change with the rapid infusion of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into schools with the expectation that these be included within classroom experiences. Many schools purchased computer hardware and software and have provided professional development for teachers with the expectation that the technology will be put to use. Studies show, however, that many teachers continue to feel ill-equipped to use technology to support learning in spite of these in-service opportunities. Further studies identify the classroom teacher as the major factor in determining whether ICT are an important component of daily learning experiences; teachers who use ICT to meet their personal needs such as planning a school program, downloading music for leisure or paying bills on the Internet are more likely to utilise ICT for learning and teaching than those who find little use for such technologies in their daily lives.

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