Authenticity in Leadership



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Duignan, P.A. Bhindi, N. L. (1997). Authenticity in Leadership. Journal of Educational Administration, 35 (3), 195-210.


First describes the current context of cynicism about the quality and integrity of many of our leaders in contemporary public and private sector organizations and the culture of “artifice” prevailing in many of these organizations. Then presents a conceptual framework for authenticity in leadership in organizations. The elements of the framework include: the need to identify “authentic self” in terms of significant values and relationships; the centrality of authentic relationships to effective leadership; the need in organizations for conditions for authentic learning; the way in which governance and organization can facilitate or inhibit authentic relationships and learning. Proposes a leadership praxis which links the theory, practice and ethics of leadership, responds to many of the concerns about the lack of honesty and integrity in leadership, and acts as a counterbalance to the artifice and deception prevalent in leadership in many contemporary organizations.

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