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This article was originally published as Johnson, NF, Framing the integration of computers in beginning teacher professional development, Computers in New Zealand Schools, 19(3), 2007, 25-32, 44.


Government education departments mandate that computers should be and must be used in classrooms. Many beginning teachers are unsure of how to implement these expectations. Peter Twining’s (2002) Computer Practice Framework (CPF) provides us not only with how to conceptualise computer use in education, but with the means to practically and progressively integrate computers into classrooms. Explanation is given as to how the CPF can be used as a reference point for beginning teachers to plan and use computers in their primary classroom programmes, through drawing on a personal narrative and linking it to the framework of the CPF. As the CPF focuses on curriculum transformation, this paper discusses what it means to transform the curriculum, and how it may be possible to go beyond previous practice.

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