Healthy dogs, healthy communities: sharing dog caring knowledges



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Constable, S. E., Dixon, R. M. & Dixon, R. (2006). Healthy dogs, healthy communities: sharing dog caring knowledges. In N. Parbury & R. Craven (Eds.), Aboriginal Studies: Making the Connections - Proceedings of the 12th National ASA Conference (pp. 192-198). Sydney, Australia: Aboriginal Studies Association.


Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory have expressed the desire for veterinarians to share their dog caring knowledge with communities. This paper discusses the approach of the 'Healthy Dogs Healthy Communities' project in exploring ways of bringing vets, health researchers, elders, and community members together to share dog-caring knowledges. Currently, a pilot study is being conducted in Yuendumu to trial a generative curriculum model as an approach to sharing and discussing knowledges in order to create locally relevant and culturally appropriate ways to support dog health into the future. The paper also addresses the features of the generative model and suggests how it will be implemented in additional rural and remote Indigenous communities. The model has implications for the implementation of adult education across a range of areas involving health and education.

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National Aboriginal Studies Association Conference

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