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This article was originally published as Wright, J and Forrest, G, A social semiotic analysis of knowledge construction and games centred approaches to teaching, Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, 12(3), 2007, 273-287. Copyright 2007 Taylor & Francis. Journal available online here.


Games centred approaches (GCA) such as TGfU, Game Sense, Tactical Games are widely promoted as alternatives to traditional forms of teaching games within physical education. Despite a growing body of empirical research and a considerable theoretical literature, there are no analyses in the GCA literature, of interactions in actual lessons. In this paper we argue that social semiotics provides the tools for such an analysis. We give an example of how such an approach might be used by analysing questioning, as exemplified in the GCA literature and teacher resources, for the ways it constructs knowledge and interpersonal relations. We argue that the claims for a student-centred approach and mutual construction of knowledge are demonstrated in these examples.

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