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Oliver, R., Harper, B., Hedberg, J., Wills, S., Agostinho & S. (2002). Formalising the descriptions of learning designs. Proceedings of the 2002 Annual International Conference of the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA) (pp. 496-504). ACT Australia: HERDSA.


This paper describes an activity being undertaken by researchers involved in the AUTC funded Project: Information and Communication Technologies and Their Role in Flexible Learning. The project is seeking to investigate and develop generic and reusable frameworks for the provision of technology-enhanced high quality learning experiences in higher education. To achieve this, the researchers have been exploring ways to formalise generic descriptions of some learning designs that foster knowledge construction and problem solving. This paper provides a summary of the work that has been undertaken and describes the generic descriptions that have been developed in this process.

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